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Are you looking for cheap, cheaper, the very cheapest car insurance? 'Cheap' is something car insurance certainly isn't these days but the lowest priced motor insurance does exist if you know where to find it.

Why there is no single lowest cost car insurer

The lowest cost vehicle insurer for you isn't necessarily the cheapest one for everybody. Some insurance companies offer cheaper premiums for, say, female motorists over 65 but not-so-cheap ones for the under 21s. Another may have the cheapest insurance premiums in Britain if you want to insure a Fiat 500D but don't expect the lowest cost quote from this insurer for your family Jaguar. In short, the cheapest insurance you can buy will depend upon your own driving record, age, occupation, postcode, etc etc etc; change just one of these criteria and the lowest priced policy could come from a different insurer altogether. This is ignoring the fact that many insurers offer substantial price reductions from time to time but they don't last for ever so what is cheaper today may be a lot less cheaper tomorrow.

Where to find the cheapest car insurance

To find that lowest cost insurance policy you could ask your local insurance broker but since they will expect a not-so-low fee for the work they would have to do the price would not necessarily stay cheap for very long. Or you could do it the easy way and use an online price comparison system. This would list offers from their panel of insurers and you could sort them to find which was the lowest priced if you paid your premium upfront and which would offer the lowest total cost if you paid monthly - it is rare for one insurance company to be the cheapest for both!

How to get a cheaper quote

There are ways of lowering the price of car insurance. Offering to pay a larger excess; including another, more experienced driver on the policy, limiting your annual mileage; leaving out 'extras' such as courtesy cars, protected no claims bonuses, legal assistance etc often helps to get cheaper quotes, and usually it is much cheaper to pay in advance than to make monthly repayments. Look out for introductory offers; many insurers will offer new clients substantial discounts for changing over to them from time to time and these cheaper offers should be available via price comparison engines.

The dangers of buying the lowest cost cover

Cheap car insurance is usually cheap for a reason. There may be expensive extras you may be unaware of, such as high fees for a change of address or job (you have to inform them, failure to do so could invalidate your insurance cover) or transferring your insurance to another car. You may find little extras you expect, such as 'cover for a vehicle not belonging to you' or European cover may be missing. The insurance company may be based in somewhere like Gibraltar, and outside the remit of the Insurance Ombudsman; or they may have a reputation for being difficult to contact or slow to pay out on claims. So before accepting that cheapest car insurance quote do your homework; look carefully at the policy details and read online reviews of the insurance company. Otherwise that cheap insurance may prove to be not so inexpensive after all.

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